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Tintenfuchs Calligraphy

Natascha Safarik Tintenfuchs Kalligraphie

I write and engrave before, at and after your event – beautiful calligraphy in Vienna or all of Europe.

My Work

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About me

Tintenfuchs (translation: ink fox), that’s me, Natascha Safarik, a self-employed calligrapher in Vienna who has been at it for almost a decade. I love everything that has to do with writing and as soon as I have a pen in my hand, letters are created. I feel most comfortable with a pointed pen in my hand and I enjoy sharing my passion for calligraphy with you, your clients and my workshop participants.

work with clients from all over the world and feel just as comfortable in a flannel shirt as I do in a little black dress or business casual. In my spare time I mix inks, play with colour and love studying new techniques and styles.

Curriculum Vitae

2014 - present

Self-employed calligrapher

2012 - 2018

Graphic designer


Student of Information Design (BA)


Student of English and Media Studies (Mag.a phil)

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