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Live event calligraphy, engraving and personalisation as brand activation

Personalizing items at high-end events is an incredibly enjoyable experience. There’s something magical about being part of an elegant event, surrounded by luxury and sophistication, and adding a personal touch to an exquisite perfume bottle, a beautiful card or any other item. Each one is unique and tells a story, making the gift even more special.


Live calligraphy

Do you want me to personalize a purchased product or do you want your customers to choose their own text for a beautiful card? All this is possible with event calligraphy.

Flagship Stores

Live Engraving

On-site engraving is an eye-catcher. Flacons, bottles, glasses and beauty products made from a wide variety of materials can be personalized on site and even highlighted with gold or silver if desired.


The right technique for your item

Do you have a special product that needs to be personalized? Let's talk about it! 🙂
Whether you want calligraphy or decorations on leather or acrylic, linen, gingerbread, apples, wood, skin or ceramics, I have the technique and materials to realize almost any wish.

Special wishes

Christmas Season

The (pre-)Christmas season is the time to convince customers of your products and offer them special extras. That's why November and December are very popular dates for live events. I'll personalize Christmas baubles, gift tags, gingerbread, cards or your product on site. Customers can take a moment to rest during that hectic time and watch me transform their gift into something unique.

Shopping centers
Holiday Parties & Events

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