tintenfuchs online newood review

Tintenfuchs’ Stiftetest #2: Online Newood Calligraphy Set

Tintenfuchs' pen test: Online Pens Newood Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set

As a calligrapher, I’m constantly looking for ways to take my trade with me wherever I go. Calligraphy fountain pens seem to be the perfect tool for that, so I’ve decided to give some of the sets that are out now a try and let you in on what I discover. This post is part of an international blogger review series, therefore it’s in English.


There is a ridiculously huge amount of Online Pens calligraphy sets. It is very hard to figure out which sets are just different on the outside and have the same nibs. Just take a look at this: https://www.online-pen.de/shop/catalog/category/view/s/geschenksets/id/9/

I tested the Newood set because Online kindly provided me with one.

tintenfuchs online newood review
tintenfuchs online newood review

The pen


The pen is certainly pretty to look at. It comes in a nice box, is made of wood and metal and has a modern shape. BUT here comes the main problem for me: I don’t quite know where to hold the pen. My natural grip is exactly where the front part with the nib and the screw-on part intersect, which makes my fingers rest on the edge. It is very sharp and even a little painful. When I look at it objectively, it really has a very small grip area so I’m not sure where the developers thought one should hold the pen.

It’s also on the heavy side and doesn’t feel quite balanced. I think it’s the shape that makes it so awkward, the tail is just not very practical.

tintenfuchs online newood review
tintenfuchs online newood review


The set comes with three screw-on nibs in different sizes. One thing I just don’t understand is nib size in calligraphy fountain pens. Why don’t manufacturers just take the sizes of regular steel nibs, like 1mm, 2mm, 3mm … probably something to do with weird international sizes like inches and whatnot? But I gathered that Online is a German brand, so this remains a mystery to me.

The nibs seem sturdy enough and of good quality, they look like they could last a while.

tintenfuchs online newood review


The most important thing in a fountain pen, whether it’s called calligraphy pen or not, is the flow. The ink flows quite well from the pen with the broadest nib when you write rather slowly. However, when you pick up speed it gives some resistance on the downstrokes. Much like a regular dip nib, you have to wiggle it a bit on the paper to get it going properly.


One thing that’s apparently particularly hard to achieve in calligraphy fountain pens is to get a nice and clean edge. It’s something the pilot parallel pen has mastered and many other manufacturers struggle with. The edges you can get from the Online pen are okay. You obviously can’t do fancy thin upstroke flourishes like with the parallel pen, but you the edges on the downstrokes are quite crisp and clean.

Calligraphy & Conclusion

Nowadays „calligraphy“ is a term that sells, so obviously all manufacturers want to market their products that way. The Newood pen is okay to use for some leisurely broad pen styles and certainly for some nice handwriting with the smallest nib, however, the problem remains that it’s just not comfortable to hold – at least for me. I’ll stay with my favourite workhorse for now, a pilot parallel pen that I filed down to a 3mm nib size. It’s not as pretty but it does the job.

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